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Common problem

Time:2016-06-18 16:43|Views:453

Q: Why doesn’t the scanner have laser? 

A:1.The reader without electricity,please check power supplier. 

   2.The data cable is not available,please use original factory equipped data cable. 

   3.Interface of the cable is loose,please reconnect. 

Q:The scanner can read codes normally,but why does its output have random code or Chinese? 

A:1.Some input methods except English are opened,they will capture data from the scanner.Please ensure these input methods are closed. 

   2.The interface of data cable is in poor connection. Please re plugged the data cable and note that PC and POS should be restarted to continue using if you use the scanner with keyboard data cable. 

   3.Please confirm the isotropic parameters are correct such as baud rate, data bits etc,if you RS232 interface. 

   4.Something wrong with the data cable,please replace it.

Q:Why cann’t a code be readed?

A:1.The code may miss data,please scan a similar code to test. 

   2.The distance between scanner and code is improper,please take the code closer or far 

   3.The code is poorly printed. Preferably reading distance is about 5-10 cm. 

Q:How to do with the situation when codes are unreadable? 

A:1.Close power and connect the scanner correctly,then open power again and test it. 

   2.If the problem cannot be solved, please contact the dealer or manufacturer.